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Krista Bucholtz
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I'm an illustrative artist living in Northern Ontario with a very active imagination and RPG obsession which lends itself to my creativity. Most of my DA uploaded art are images of roleplaying characters from my home games.

My husband ElmshireLancer and I have created and been working on a the webcomic Faerie Raid. I'll upload it onto my DA from time to time in bursts - usually one scene at a time. We don't have a posting schedule for it at the moment, and just work on scenes (ie. aprox 4-10 pages) whenever we have the time. If we ever do get an actual website going for the Faerie Raid comic we'll set up an actual posting time and stick to it. For now it's more of a hobby that we try to do in between our other work - namely our adoptables.

I don't upload all of these on DA, but I do illustrate and co-run Sphinxes Adoptables on with my husband. This will frequently take me away from other art for long stretches of time. (And, I love working on my Sphinxes adoptables. ^_^ )
How do you get to Carnegie Hall (or in this case, become a good artist)?

I'm asked this question a lot (well, the artist part. ^^; ) and I know that nearly every artist is asked this question from time to time. I once saw a deviation by another artist that was titled something like 'How to become good at art' and it was just a photograph of a giant stack of full sketch books.

Any artist can tell you this, and it's so very true. You draw, you keep drawing, you draw through the rough patches, and you never... EVER stop. And oh, there are bad patches - times with no inspiration, times that you just can't seem to draw hands any longer, times that you feel as if you're not improving... and times that you seem to backslide. I'm dealing with the last one right now. I spend what seems like 90% of my time now colouring or templating adoptables on another site and I've found that whenever I finally get free time my normal art skills have fallen a bit and I work like crazy to build them up again and by the time I'm back at my busy work time with the adoptable I've both caught up and improved.
But this summer I barely drew. O.o I have been working in a sketchbook with character sheets where I like to draw an image of each character on their sheet (I have a whole gallery section of those pictures), and I do have a bunch more of those to scan and upload from over the last year and a half. But in general I haven't don't much work with the tablet in PS. I found that when my free time to work on art again came up that I had a couple new designs I had to create for the adoptable and felt burnt out with the adoptable and uncreative for 3/4 of a year. Sooo, because I owed the new designs (just a reward for a contest, no paid commission or anything of that sort) I felt guilty about drawing anything else during that time. I tend to get like that, the problem is that working just on the adoptable both makes my skills suffer and burns me out after awhile, and I feel guilty about working on anything else when I'm trying to get caught up again. *sighs* And when I'm not submitting art I tend to let my DA comments/replies/notes pile up and neglect replying.

So I've babbled on and on, but generally it's a note of how very, very true it is to keep practicing! I need to figure out my own timing better so I don't keep backsliding, and please be kind about how my work has gotten worse. ^^; I'll catch up eventually to where I was before and start improving again.
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